Prepared Dishes


This traditional product is ideal to serve as tapas or as an appetizer.

Russian Salad

A traditional mixture of vegetables and light mayonnaise, accompanied by tinned tuna, green olives and a sprinkling of boiled egg.


Coleslaw essentially comprises white cabbage, carrot and onion, mixed with mayonnaise to give a feeling of crunchiness in the mouth.

Crab Salad

A mixture of fish surimi, boiled egg and pineapple, dressed with cocktail sauce.

Aioli Potatoes

Boiled potatoes mixed with aioli.

Palacios Roast Chicken

This exquisite chicken is oven-roasted the traditional way. Ideal for enjoying a tremendously flavourful meal in the company of friends, family or whoever you like.


The fastest way to prepare a burger. Choose from chicken, pork and beef and customize them with yours or your client’s preferred ingredients.