Other solutions

Pizza Originale

The authentic pizza with a thin and crispy crust and carefully selected ingredients.

Mini Micro Pizza

We know that your time is the most valuable ingredient, which is why we’re offering a range of individual pizzas specially designed for the microwave!

“Primer Precio” Pizza

Value doesn’t have to come at the cost of flavour. The “Primer Precio” pizza enables your business to offer an economy product to those who are counting the pennies.

Family-Size Pizza

Introducing our family-size pizzas in the most popular flavours:

Palacios Roast Chicken

This exquisite chicken is oven-roasted the traditional way. Ideal for enjoying a tremendously flavourful meal in the company of friends, family or whoever you like.


The fastest way to prepare a burger. Choose from chicken, pork and beef and customize them with yours or your client’s preferred ingredients.