Non-portioned cakes

Blueberry cheesecake

Delicious cream cheese on a crunchy biscuit base covered with blueberry jam.

Strawberry cheesecake

A fresh, light cheesecake topped off with a coating of strawberry jam.

Charlotte Cake

A sponge cake base with caramel, decorated with chocolate, cream and cherries.

Bombom cake

A delicious cake that’s ideal for chocolate lovers. Inside you’ll find layers of chocolate sponge and a creamy chocolate filling.

Black Forest Gateau

A traditional gateau with truffle filling, decorated with chocolate curls.

"San marcos" cake

Cake made with two layers of syrupy cake, filled with whipped cream and covered by a thin layer of toasted egg yolk. A classical in your desserts.

Mousse Chocolates

If you like chocolate, you’ll adore this exquisite dessert. You won’t be able to resist trying it!