Traditional Spanish Omelettes (flexible packaging)

Let your customers enjoy the flavour of an authentic Spanish omelette.

Traditional Spanish Omelettes (tray packaging)

Let your customers enjoy the flavour of an authentic Spanish omelette.

Flavoured Spanish Omelettes (tray packaging)

Classic Spanish omelettes with a special touch.

Organic Spanish Omelettes (tray packaging) 

Ideal for consumers of organic products.

Pasteurized Traditional Spanish Omelettes

The authentic Spanish omelette, with a longer shelf-life for your peace of mind.

Pasteurized Flavoured Spanish Omelettes

Our classic Palacios Spanish omelettes are made even tastier with the addition of different flavours: spinach, chorizo and peppers.

Pasteurized Filled Spanish Omelettes

These speciality Spanish omelettes are ideal for bars, buffets, and much more.

“Exquise” Range Spanish Omelettes

These omelettes are the most premium products in the range, made from eggs, potatoes and olive oil of the very highest quality.

Traditional Spanish Omelettes

The traditional Spanish omelette is now even easier and quicker to prepare: just defrost, heat and serve.

Low Sodium Traditional Spanish Omelettes

An authentic Spanish omelette without salt, for customers who are watching their diet or have specific health needs. 

Flavoured Spanish Omelettes

The classic Spanish omelette with added flavour. Options include chorizo, spinach, tuna, courgette, peppers… there’s an omelette for every palate!

Rectangular Spanish Omelettes

Our rectangular Spanish omelettes are ideal for making sandwiches or creating pinchos


The most versatile type of omelette, a great option for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Low Sodium Omelettes

The ideal product for customers who are watching their diet or have specific health needs.

Spanish Omelette Mix

This mix offers an ideal way to make a Spanish omelette with a homemade touch.


Traditional Chorizo

The chorizo par excellence, 100% natural and made from just four ingredients: pork, paprika, salt and garlic.

Special Cooking Chorizo

Free from preservatives, food colourings, gluten and lactose. The special cooking chorizo is an ideal ingredient for any dish.

Smoked Chorizo

The authentic flavour of Palacios chorizo with a hint of smokiness, in the traditional León style.

“Vela” Chorizo

A smaller format but the same traditional Palacios chorizo flavour. 


Iberian Chorizo

The 100% natural Palacios Iberian chorizo is ideal for tapas or as an appetizer.

Organic Chorizo

Made from selected cuts of organic meat, our organic chorizo is ideal for businesses whose product range includes organic items designed to cater to more demanding clients.

Fresh Chorizo

A chorizo specially designed for barbecues, roasts and stews.


“Sabrosso” Chorizo

Our “Sabrosso” chorizo, which is an oreado or air-cured chorizo, is a semi-cured product that lies halfway between fresh chorizo and cured chorizo.


This fresh chistorra is made to an original recipe from the Navarra region and is an ideal accompaniment for other dishes or to serve as tapas.

Pork Loin

A must-have for any catering business. Ideal for sandwiches, main courses or meat courses.

Prepared Dishes


This traditional product is ideal to serve as tapas or as an appetizer.

Russian Salad

A traditional mixture of vegetables and light mayonnaise, accompanied by tinned tuna, green olives and a sprinkling of boiled egg.


Coleslaw essentially comprises white cabbage, carrot and onion, mixed with mayonnaise to give a feeling of crunchiness in the mouth.

Crab Salad

A mixture of fish surimi, boiled egg and pineapple, dressed with cocktail sauce.

Aioli Potatoes

Boiled potatoes mixed with aioli.

On The Go

Ligeresa Salads

With less fat and 40% fewer calories than the market average for salads and sandwich/tapas fillings, our Ligeresa salads are ideal for meals on the go.

Homemade Spanish Omelette (vending product)

A truly unique dish. You can now enjoy a fresh, authentic, homemade-style Spanish omelette on the go.